Full Automatic Waffle Cone Production Line Mass Production

  • Output:7000-7500 PCS/H
  • Voltage:380 V
  • Power: 3 KW
  • Payment Method: T/T, L/C, Western Union
Introduction of Full Automatic Cone Production Line
This waffle cone production line is developed by the company and is mainly used for mass production of waffle cones, which is suitable for ice cream sugar cone processing factories, chocolate factories, biscuit factories and so on.
Waffle Cone Processing Line Price
It is an automatic production machinery, high working efficiency. In addition to this models, our company can also can design and make other models and specifications according to the different requirements from the client.

Features of Fully Automatic Crisp Waffle Cone Machine
▸Automated production process: from filling batter, baking sheets, rolling of ice cream cones and conveying-counting.
▸The same sugar cone line can make different products within round biscuit, sugar rolled cone, egg roll with changing the different forming devices.
▸There are two heating methods for the waffle cone production line, electric heating and gas heating, which can be selected according to different situations.
▸This ice cream cone machine occupies a small area (11*1.9*1.85m), has low noise, and will not affect people's normal work and life during work.

How to Make Waffle Cones

The Operation Process of Automatic Waffle Cone Production Line
● Pour flour, sugar, edible oil, starch, soda and other ingredients into the beating machine and mix into a batter.
● Connect the 380V power supply, turn it on, and then the waffle cone processing line starts to run, the dough is lifted by the pump, and flows out from the grouting head to the baking pan.
● Pour the batter evenly at a constant speed, then close the baking plate, and bake it into sheets in about 5-10 seconds.
● The biscuit sheets form an ice cream cone through the rolling part, and then fall onto the conveyor belt for transportation.
automatic crispy ice cream cone machine
● Model B: Each set of baking plate has two bakeware, which can bake two pieces of biscuit sheets at the same time. Can make waffle cones within 185mm. Different sizes of crisp ice cream cones can also be customized.
● Capacity of ice cream waffle cones: 3000-7500 pieces/h
● Minimum size of Waffle Cones: 24 mm in diameter, 60 mm in length.

This waffle cone production line is for sale in many countries, such as Canada, Pakistan, Malaysia, America, Sri Lanka, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Australia and so on.
automatic crispy ice cream cone machine plant
And in the later communication process with customers, the feedback was good. Our client's business is progressing smoothly. If you are interested in this equipment, please feel free to contact us.

GELGOOG Machinery Co., Ltd. is a multi-year production experience of ice cream cone machine factory, after years of struggle accumulation, has now built a strong technical force, advanced production equipment, enterprise management civilization. 
Now our company produced the automatic ice cream cone machines, has been sold to more than 20 countries, mainly exported to Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Turkey, Argentina, Vietnam, Syria, French Polynesia, Egypt, Peru, India and many other countries. 
Company to "customer first, quality first, reputation first" for the purpose of excellence, and constantly provide customers with excellent cone production line quality, reasonable price charges, perfect and thoughtful after-sales service, to ensure that users to buy happy, with the rest assured, won the majority of users.

Technical Data
Model GGDCL-75
Capacity 7000-7500pcs/h
Power 3KW, 380V 50Hz 3phase
Gas consumption 12-15kg/h
Dimension 11*1.9*1.85m
Total weight 7100kg


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