Best Commercial Ice Cream Wafer Cone Making Machine Price

  • Output:1500-2400 PCS/H
  • Voltage:380 V
  • Power: 21 KW
  • Payment Method: T/T, L/C, Western Union
Description of Commercial Wafer Cone Machine
This machine has 60 mold heads, which can make 60 pieces of wafer cones of the same size at a time. Making ice cream wafer cones are intact without defects, and taste softy and delicious. Manual operation, simple steps, shapes of ice cream cones can be produced by changing forming moulds. 
Best Ice Cream Wafer Cone Making Machine with Different Molds
Moreover, our factory also produces a lot of models of ice cream wafer cone making machine, you can choose according to your production needs. This machine has extensive capacity widely used for large, medium and small businesses use.

Process of Ice Cream Wafer Cones Production: Mix the flour, water and other materials in a certain proportion, then pour the batter into the lower mold slot of the commercial wafer cone machine, and the upper mold and the lower mold are tightly closed. Waitting for one to two minutes to complete the ice cream cone production.
Commercial Ice Cream Cone Machine Factory Price
Characteristics of Ice Cream Wafer Cone Making Machine
1. Various molds, one machine can change different molds to produce a variety of ice cream cones.
2. Simple operation and strong practicability, it is the ideal machinery for many businessmen.
3. The wafer ice creram cone is formed at one time, which is fast and has high production efficiency.
4. The upper and lower molds are heated on both sides with constant temperature, evenly heated.
5. The power cord adopts metal sleeve, which is resistant to high temperatures, does not leak electricity, and is safe and durable.

Testing Video of Commecial Ice Cream Cone Machine

Technical Data
Model GGDST-60C
Capacity(PCS/H) 1500-2400
Quantity of Moulds 60PCS
Baking time 1-2 minutes
Operation Semi automatic
Power 21KW
Voltage 380V
Machine size(MM) 1120*1180*1550
Packing size(MM) 1240*1180*1660
Net Weight 1046KG
Gross weight 1130KG


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