Commercial Arabian Kuboos Making Machine|Automatic Chapati Maker

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Description of Arabian Kuboos Machine
This kuboos making machine also named roti maker, chapati maker, with the features of easy operation, large production ability. It is widely used for processing arabian kuboos, indian chapati, pita bread, etc. Large-scale output is suitable for commercial production and processing.
Automatic Kuboos Making Machine Price
The equipment adopts belt sprocket chain drive, has the features of high efficiency, low noise, long service life, easy to operate and so on. It is designed and manufactured by several sets of roller pressure and once forming principle. Reasonable structure and compact construction.
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Features of Automatic Chapati Maker
1. This machine is an automatic operate equipment, no manual labor is required in the production process, and the production of arabic bread can be automated.
2. Wide range of application, this kuboos making machine can make indian chapati, kuboos, pita bread, roti, arabian bread, etc.
Chapati Making Machine
3. It is made of food-grade materials--stainless steel 304, which can ensure that the food produced by the machine is healthy and hygienic.
4. The machine is easy to operate and is made of stainless steel, making it easier to clean. It is ideal equipment for many bakery factories.
5. Adopts advanced techonology, well-known brand parts, more robust and durable, producing the food with good appearance, size can be adjusted.

How Does Kuboos Making Machine Work?

The Advantages of Commercial Chapati Maker Machine
° This machine through changing shaping part of the mould to achieve the production of different sizes of chapati, kuboos, roti, pita bread, etc.
° The roller speed, pressure and thickness of kuboos maker machine's roller can be adjusted as customers' require.
° The diameter and thickness of kuboos, chapati and pita bread product can be customized as customers' requirements. 
° Easy operation, moulds can be changed easily within 5 minutes, stainless steel roller, PU conveyor, makes the production hygienic.
° Waste recycling system, the waste can be used twice directly. Teflon coating cutting mould ensures the demoulding easily.
Automatic Chapati Maker Machine Manufacturer
Essential Equipment in the Kuboos Making Machine
1) Dough Mixer machine: Used to mix ingredients to form dough.
2) Dough Press Machine: Press the dough into a relatively thin sheet.
3) Pita Forming Machine: The diameter is 280mm - 300mm or customized by changing moulds. Thickness adjustable range: 0.5mm-6mm.
4) Baking Oven: Gas and electric heating methods. Double layer, each layer speed and temperature is adjustable.

Technical Data
Mixing part Size: L1000mm*W500mm*H800mm
Capacity: 20kg per loading (5 minutes per loading)
Power: 3KW
Voltage: 308V, 3phases, 50hz
Speed: 365RPM
Material: Stainless steel
Shaping machine Size: L1670mm*W550mm*H1830mm
Capacity: 1500-2000pcs/hour
Thickness of food:0.5-6.0mm
Size of food: 0-45cm
Power: 3KW
Voltage: 308V, 3phases, 50hz
Material: Stainless steel
Resting conveyor Size:L4200mm*W8500mm*H1500mm
Power: 8.8KW
Voltage: 308V, 3phases, 50hz
Stainless steel 
Baking tunnel Size:L3600mm*W1000mm*H1400mm
Power: 35KW
Voltage: 308V, 3phases, 50hz
Material: Stainless steel 
Cooling tunnel Size: L3160mm*W780mm*H1450mm
Voltage: 308V, 3phases, 50hz
Material: Stainless steel


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