1500PCS/H Egg Tart Shell Making Machine with Customizable Mold

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This egg tart shell making machine can be used for processing the tart shell with different shapes and sizes. Using high-quality materials, good quality, and high work efficiency, it can make 1500-1800 egg tart skin per hour.

Widely Application: This machine usually used to make Portuguese type egg tart, Cheese egg tart, Cantonese type egg tart and other type egg tarts. And the molds can be customized by customer's demand. 
Egg Tart Shell Making Machine For Sale
Features of Customizable Egg Tart Shell Machine
1. High degree of automation, can be matched with automatic cup dropping machine and filling machine.
2. Large production capacity, saving a lot of labor, suitable for large-scale and medium-sized enterprises.
3. The tart shell making machine is easy to operate, stable in performance and compact in structure.
4. The process of imitating the handmade custard crust does not affect the taste and quality of the product.
Machine for Making Tart Shells
Note of Automatic Egg Tart Shell Making Machine
1. If you want to mail the sample, you can mail 10-15 egg tart shells and 2-3 baked egg tarts.
2. The machine voltage is 220v, 50hz, single-phase electricity, cannot change the voltage, advises the customer to buy a transformer locally.
3. Packaging size and weight of the tart shell maker: 0.68*0.8*1.5m (long width and height), 150kg
4. Material: 202 stainless steel shell, the turntable is aluminum, the bottom mold is teflon, top pole 304, top mold bronze, bearings are all imported from Japan.
5. Output and tart shell shape are different, so the price is different, the price and details can be consulted with us.
Egg Tart Shell Machine Manufacturer
Installation and Adjustment of Commercial Tart Shell Making Machine
  • After the machine is placed in the designated position, the four-wheel brake can be stopped.
  • Power Connection: AC Three-phase four line 380v, 50hz power supply, line diameter 1.5mm, equipment must install grounding protection device. 
  • Trachea Connection: Air compressor (at least 1HP above), air pressure should be more than 6 kg can be used, tracheal pipe diameter ø6mm.
  • Start working, put the dough into the mould, and form various shapes of tart shell by pressing.

Working Video of Egg Tart Shell Making Machine
Technical Data
Model GGA303-1
Capacity 1500-1800PCS/H
Voltage 220V,50hz
Diameter of Tart 40-90mm
Size 840*800*1300mm
Weight 130kg


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