--I'm Gonna Tell You Something about Potatoes. --What?

2016-11-11 by Leo
  Tell me,do you like french fries?A lot of people may answer yes.But if I ask you:do you like potatoes?You may wonder:what?
  All right,I’m just kidding,but this phenomenon truly happens sometimes.We always focus more attention on products sold in markets,not original materials.For example,it is so normal that we won’t give much attention to french fries production line.Actually,potatoes have many useful functions.
  Potatoes belong to solanaceae herbaceous perennial plants and are the forth important crop.They have much nutrition and energy so that can be used as main foods.
  The effects and functions of potatoes:
    1.Supplement nutrition and can be used as the staple food.
    Potatoes are possessed of abundant vitamin and microelements like calcium and potassium.Also they can are easy to digest and be absorbed by people.They can provide plenty of energy for our bodies.Only by eating potatoes and regular milk can humans keep lives and health.In Europe countries,especially North America,potatoes have already become the second staple food for a long period.
    2.Nourishing our stomachs.
    Potatoes are possessed of plenty amount of starch and protein and other various nutrition.They can help promote the function of digesting of stomachs.
    3.Relax the bowels.
    There exist much dietary fiber in potatoes that can help relax our bowels to make our bodies discharge toxin.
    4.Reduce sugar and fat.
    The mucin possessed in potatoes can protect our body tissues.Besides,potatoes are beneficial for our bodies’ acid-base balance.These feature or methods can help us maintain beauty and keep young.
    5.Lose weight.
    The proportion of starch in potatoes are less than 2%.And the proportion of fat is only 0.1%.Therefore,eating many potatoes won’t make us take in much fat.This will help people lose weight.
  Purchasing potatoes:
    Potatoes’ pulps commonly have two varieties of color which are yellow and white.The white ones are normally more sweet.It’s better that of we choose smooth and round potatoes,not abnormal shapes.What’s more,better choose the potatoes that their color is average.Green ones are of toxin.So we should avoid this condition.
  The storage of potatoes:
    Potatoes should be stores in shady and cool places where the temperature of surrounding environment is about 5 degree.They can’t be exposed straightly under sunlight.Besides,it unnecessary that we keep potatoes in a refrigerator.And it’ll be better if potatoes are put together with apples for long period of storage.Because the substances produced by ripe apples will control the sprout phenomenon of potatoes.Finally,soaking sliced potatoes in cold water will make remained solanine dissolved in water.


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