The Development of Food Machinery Industry

2016-11-14 by Leo
  Foods are the most important thing for people since the birth of human beings.Without foods supplying necessary nutrition and energy for our bodies,then no need to talk about survival.
  And food industry is an evergreen industry that have lasted for the longest period and will never decline.With the development of global economy and the promotion of scientific technology,the world's food industry has made great progress.But as food industry develops,many problems of security and markets have followed behind.For example,factories use frying machines to produced foods.But the products may be not of enough quality.These problems will hinder the development of food industry.Therefore,taking proper measures and directions means much.Following are some guidelines.
  First,read the development strategies of manufacture,discover the development directions of food equipment.
  Although various problems may exist in food industry,for example,middle-income trap,the acceleration of population aging,over capacity,insufficient innovation and the technology and quality of products still need to be promoted.But we should also notice that there is still much space for the future of food industry due to the features of integrality and completeness.The phenomenon of polarization appeared in recent years also has proved this point.The enterprises which have own rate of technology innovation,equipment technology and quality have better development situation.But those enterprises that make no attempts are facing harder situations.And in the future,this phenomenon will become more and more obvious.
  Now,the core point is that food industry should combine development strategies with its situation and analysis the pattern and direction from the macroscopical level.Diagnosing the situation of economy has much significance.
  Second,coordinate food industry with equipment industry.
  The development of food manufacture has always been an important part.As the major field that relates to people’s daily life closely,promoting quality and safety has always been significant.And the constant progress of food equipment technical level is the important support.
  Third,promote the fusion of technology and equipment to establish future food equipment industrial chain.
  As the most important common basic technology for future human development, information technology has done great influence to the patterns of production and living of human,including food industry and food equipment.Information technology has gone deep into the bones of food manufacture.It’s everywhere in manufacture and is becoming more and more important.


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