The Future of Agricultural Production Processing Industry

2016-11-14 by Leo
  Modernization and industrialization will be the future direction of the development of agricultural products processing.As the linked-up industry with agricultural products processing,food machinery equipment manufacturing industry should seize the opportunity of developing.
  In recent years,with the help of modern technology,the process of agricultural industrialization of is accelerating.For example,continuous frying machine adopts the oil-water mixture technology.As the measure of agricultural modernization level,agricultural products processing has entered a gold period of growth and still presents huge market potential.
  Agriculture develops with the direction of modernization and industrialization is the main trend and also an important measure for farmers to get jobs and increase salary.But there exists various difficulties in the process of promoting.The driving force of developing has become obviously insufficient.
  We’ll find three reasons as following.First,agricultural resource and ecological environment form limits.Second,agricultural products face the pressure of destocking.Third,the speed of farmers’ wage increasing is getting slower.Their interest on agricultural industrialization decreases sharply.
  Therefore,breakouts should be found out and make up shorts to promote the level of agricultural modernization.Thereinto,agricultural production processing industry among the major part of important points.It has obvious effects to make up shorts and increase wages.
  What is the potential of agricultural products processing industry?How should the potential develop further?
  First of all,agricultural products processing industry faces the optimization and upgrade of structures.Processing industries like food industry take too much proportion.And adjusting the structure will release bigger potential.Then,green processing industry has adequate demands.And this is the key direction of next-step development.Finally,information technologies like the “Internet” give more power and space to agricultural products processing industry.
  Therefore,next,the necessary measure is to optimize regional allocation plan and organically combine the development of agricultural products processing industry and new-type urbanization.Meanwhile,motivate the inside power of the industry and energetically promote quality and cultivate brands.More importantly,it’s necessary that establish and complete the supporting system to solve problems.
  To sum up,agricultural products processing industry is very potential and has a bright future.


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