Innovation Thinking and the Development of Food Manufacture

2016-11-14 by Leo
  According relative data,the investment on science and engineering of China reached two hundred billion dollars,which takes about 2% proportion of GDP and the second place in the world.What's more,China is also the leader of the world in the quantity of applying for patents.And the number was beyond 730 thousand.Such as the technology of potato chips production line.On the condition of such amazing creative ability,if we make a deep survey on actual effects of innovation,the situation won't so simple.Presently,in the industry of food manufacturing,the competition of innovation is very drastic,but the difficulty of differentiation is still pretty high.
  In the market of beverages,functionalization has become the main trend.Many enterprises promote new brands to subdivide the market and take the lead in functionalization of the market.
  More fresh troops are joining the competition of food markets.For instance,many various diversified baked foods appear and provide more alternatives for consumers.Expect for the traditional forms,many new varieties become popular for new features.
  Innovation brings many huge market opportunities.Therefore,research workers bear larger responsibilities of launching new products.How to systematically,effectively and quickly make innovation and research is the challenge for food industry workers.
  And it is very important that train the thoughts of innovation and encourage the culture of innovation.Then,how to achieve the two above points?There are two thinking patterns.
  First is cross-border thinking.Find originalities in relative field and crowds who have appeals.For example,to develop foods that are related with mouth health,we should probably pay attention to academic conferences of dentistry.To develop foods for old man,we should better make a survey in the crowds of old people and discover their demands.For instance,directing at the phenomenon that their ruminating ability has decreased,we need to produce foods that are easy to digest.And we should produce food packages that are convenient for fetching aiming at their decreased gripping strength.Second,hold brain storms inside the enterprises.Put forward a main subject by the starter and let relative participators give their own answers or ideas.


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