Cassava Chips Making Machine|Potato Chips Processing Plant 300kg/h

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Introduction of potato chips processing plant:
The automatic potato chips making machine can be fully automated. It is the essence of domestic products, simplified and concentrated on the production process, and designed and developed by reference to customer feedback information. This machine is mainly used to make potato chips, french fries, cassava chips and so on. It has the advantages of high automation, saving manpower, improving work efficiency and improving profit margins for customers. This set of equipment is made of high quality stainless steel, with high output, labor saving and equipment installation.
potato chips processing plant
Processing process of potato chips
Feeding--cleaning, peeling--selecting--increasing--feeding--slicing--rinsing--blanching--dewatering--frying--deoiling--seasoning--transportation and packaging.
Note: The equipment can be customized according to the actual needs of customers.
The main machines in the production line are: 1, cleaning and peeling machine 2, feeder 3, potato chips cutting machine 4, blanching machine 5, air draining 6, frying machine 7, blowing oil 8, packing machine.
potato chips
1, cleaning and peeling machine: using brush type cleaning and peeling machine, can finish cleaning and peeling at the same time. High efficiency and low loss.
2. Slicing machine: slice thickness is usually adjustable.
3, blanching machine: rinse the cut potato chips and protect the color.
4. Dehydrator: centrifugal force dehydration. Dehydration before frying can greatly shorten frying time and improve the taste of potato chips.
5, oil and water mixing fryer: because of the different proportion of water and oil, the water is under the bottom, the oil is heated to fry the potato chips in the upper layer. The residue of the oil is precipitated directly in the water. The oil does not smoke black smoke, greatly prolongs the use cycle of the oil, so the cost is greatly reduced. The oil temperature control is accurate, thus ensuring the quality and taste of potato chips. After the work is finished, the water will be released and the residue will flow out with the water.
6. Deoiling machine: centrifuge deoiling machine, removing the oil from fried potato chips and overcoming the defects of high oil content and greasy mouth. The taste of potato chips was improved.
7, seasoning machine: the potato chips after being deoiled, the structure is simple and practical, the barrel body is a stainless steel octagonal design. It can make the processed food material well mixed with the needed seasoning powder in a short time, automatic feeding, cleaning and disinfection convenient without dead angle.
8. Nitrogen filling machine: when packing, filling nitrogen into the packaging bags can effectively prevent potato chips from breaking and lengthen the shelf life. Inflate, pack, make code once.
cassava chips making machine
For this machine, the finished size and shape can be designed according to the mould on the forming machine. One set of mould roller can produce one size. If you need different shape and different size, we can customize the mould for you.  Machines are made of Stainless Steel 304. For the Calender Group, general, it is with three sets of rolling roller.  For Fryer Machine, it is continuous type and will take about 1-3 minutes to fry this kind of compound potato chips. For Flavoring Machine, it is with 10r/min, working speed is adjustable. It is special with spice adding motor to control, and also can adjust the machine to control the amount of spice. 
Technical Data
Name                  Specific
1. Vacuum Flour Mixer(100kg) Capacity:100kg/time Power:20.25kw
Size:2000*1000*1600(mm) Weight:700kg
2. Elevator Capacity:1000kg/h  Power:0.55kw
Size:2000*700*2200(mm)  Weight:200kg
3. Calender Group Capacity:300kg/h  Power:3kw
Size:4000*900*2200(mm)  Weight:1200kg
4. Forming Machine Power:1.5kw  Size:1100*900*1200(mm) Weight:260kg
5. Drying Line Capacity:300kg/h  Power:76kw
Size:8000*1100*1200(mm)  Weight:1200kg
6. Elevator Capacity:1000kg/h  Power:0.55kw
Size:2000*700*2200(mm)  Weight:200kg
 7. Fryer Machine Capacity:300kg/h  Power:170kw
Size:5000*1200*2400(mm)  Weight:2000kg
8.Vibration Oil Removing Machine Capacity:300kg/h  Power:0.5kw
Size:1800*800*1000(mm)  Weight:180kg
9. Air Drying Deoiling Machine Capacity:300kg/h  Power:10.1kw
Size:4000*1200*1400(mm)  Weight:600kg
10. Elevator Capacity:300kg/h  Power:0.55kw
Size:2000*700*2200(mm)  Weight:200kg
11. Seasoning Machine Capacity:300kg/h  Power:0.75kw
Size:2400*900*1700(mm)  Weight:280kg


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