Food Industry Provides Wide Future for Frying Machines

2016-11-14 by Leo
  Frying machine is the key equipment in processing fried foods.According to the pressure of frying,frying machines can be divided into two varieties which are common-pressure frying machine and air-free frying machine.In recent years,with the rapid development of food industry,fried foods have widely involved many fields,including foods for children,fast foods,canned-meat foods,quick-frozen foods,microwave foods and flour products,etc.
  With the constant improvement of food-frying technologies and the expand of the scale of production,frying equipment also develops in the pattern of factory-like,factory-like, intelligentization,environmental and energy-saving.
  According to researches and surveys,present advanced frying equipment and technology adopts efficient heat exchanger to accomplish transferring heat between the source of heat and oil.Built-in pump circulation device can control the speed of oil circulation and the time of frying.It takes advanced precise controlling pattern -- PID pattern to precisely control the temperature of oil and save oil and energy.
  Then,it's very important that filter and discharge oil residues in case of oil aging.Setting a filter paper deslagging device at the place of oil circulation pump can discharge tiny oil residues outside with filter paper.At the entrance of the inverter controlling equipment,there also sets chain slags-scraping device that can effectively eliminate oil residue and slow the oxidation caused by repetitive heating.And it can prolong the aging time of oil and reduce the cost of processing.
  The oil-adding pipes are set on the transferring device that can be elevated automatically.The cover of frying machine can be easily tear down.There are no dead angles in the oil groove.These detail improvements are beneficial for cleaning frying machines to guarantee the safety of foods.
  Fried foods are enjoyed by consumers for the delicious taste and fragrant smell.In the contemporary food industry,wrapping-chaff frying equipment has become the choices for meat and fish production companies.
  As the most important equipment of frying production line,continuous producing and repetitively using oil will accelerate the aging process of frying machines.But considering of controlling cost,enterprises also hope to use oil for longer period on the precondition of high quality.


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