91.2 Billion Yuan for Only 15 Hours?

2016-11-14 by Leo
  In the past of China,every year’s 11th,Nov was just a normal day as the other 364 days of the year.But with the members’ quantity of a funny organization named “single dogs” becoming larger,the day has gradually become special and get related with single people who doesn’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend(talking about this,please give me one hour to stop crying).
Let Me Cry! 
  Because “1” looks like a stick,and it’s accordingly regarded as the symbol of single people.According to the “single” feature,this day has become “single-people festival”.
  However,unfortunately,single people should have had the right to enjoy the happiness(or sadness) this day bring them(or us).Someday,a rich,famous and ambitious person,aka Ma Yun,came up with the idea that he will give this day another meaning:”double 11 shopping festival”.People started to purchase various commodities on the day.Some people are getting crazier year by year that they almost can’t stop buying things.Thus,such people are called “shopaholics”(not including me).
Ma Yun and Tmall 
  Since 2009,the biggest online --Tmall,owned by Ma Yun has developed very rapidly.And as time passes,in 2016,it only took Chinese consumers 15 hours to create the legendary sales volume of 91.2 billion yuan,which equals about 13.4 billion dollars.Someone ever said that every successful man has a great woman standing behind him.But this sentence doesn't fit Ma Yun,because there are myriads of “great women” sitting behind him.This sentence is very funny,but it truly makes sense.However,as the old saying goes:”on wind,no waves”.Such high sales volume origins from good quality of the commodities.Success comes from trust.
  But Tmall’s business won’t be the only one.Because as long as trust exists,there will be more similar success all the time.
  Friends,Tmall doesn’t and won’t offer you excellent machines that you need.For example,you need frying machines but Tmall doesn’t have one.So who should you ask for purchasing?
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