Konwledge of Peanut Frying Processing Line

2016-11-14 by admin
With the development of science and technology , pipelined machines become essential equipment of manufacturers . How many equipments are included in a fried peanut production line?Gelegoog will show you.
1.Gas type continuous deep fryer,one kind Multi function, water oil mixing type frying equipment. This equipment uses the advanced technology of water and oil mixture , it changed the structure of traditional frying equipment,solved the disadvantages of the traditional frying machine. Oil water separation and natural cooling is the core technology of the frying machine. The use of the technology to make the machine is significantly better than the traditional products. The food fried by traditional frying pan is easy to be burnt and not healthy.But this fryer can filter the Impurities in oil .
2.Oil filter.Filter device for filtering hydraulic oil, Hydraulic oil often contain granular impurities it will cause the surface of the hydraulic components wear and tear, throttling orifice plug,greatly reduce the system reliability. Install a certain precision In the system is a necessary means to ensure the normal operation of hydraulic system.
3. Bottom Discharging Deoiling Machine,using the principle of mechanical centrifugation thrown out The oil by rotating high speed of inner cylinder,and device for collecting.This machine have many advantages: Shock proof safety,easy acceleration, prolong the service life of the motor, measurement, smooth running, Speed can be selected according to the oil, in accordance with the centrifugal effect.
4. Conveying and Lifting Machine, Conveyor has a long history,the high speed winder and water roll in ancient China is embryonic form of Conveying and Lifting Machine.In Peanut Frying Processing Line ,we use Belt Conveyer,the drection of machine is variable, Can be flexible to change the direction of transmission.
5. Cooling Machine, it is a kind of machine which can achieve the effect of refrigeration by vapor compression or absorption cycle. The liquid is able to flow through the heat exchanger to reach the purpose of cooling the air or equipment. Vapor compression chiller consists of four main components of the vapor compression refrigeration cycle(Compressor, evaporator, condenser, part of metering device),these machine can be realize different refrigerant.Absorption refrigerating machine using refrigerant and city water with good silicone as desiccant, using water as refrigerant.
6. Rotary Type Seasoning Machine, applicable to all kinds of food seasoning, feeding, mixing, hanging pulp, etc. The octagonal Banliao machine used for food processing and late seasoning powder stir or powdered raw materials and special coating. The processed food material and condiment for fully mixing evenly in a relatively short period of time,automatic feeding, cleaning and disinfection is convenient without dead angle .

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