Focus on breakthroughs in key core technologies in "13th Five-Year" period

2017-01-10 by sherry
In "13th Five-Year" period, China's machinery industry need to improve the ability of independent innovation, promote industrial transformation and upgrading , target it for innovation driven, intelligent transformation, green development. To build the system, build the platform, expanding the field, serve as the starting point, focus on the foundation, make a short board, high school, To promote the new kinetic energy of the mechanical industry and the development of power conversion. Wang Ruixiang pointed out, during the “13th Five-Year” period, the “machinery industry science and technology development” should implement the five key tasks.
machinery industry
1.Firmly establish a new concept of development,to assemble the innovation in the core position. Understanding of new trends in the development of machinery industry under the new normal,rational and objective view of the problems in the economic operation of the eyes, solve the r elation of current development and long-term development, the pursuit of speed and the creation of new energy and new supply, Consciously establish a grasp of innovation is to grasp the development, seeking innovation is to seek the idea of the future, enhancing the subjective initiative of the development of innovation driven, To make innovation a unified will of the industry and the common action of workers.
2. Focus on breakthroughs in key core technologies, and continuously promote innovation capability. Relying on the state to strengthen the foundation, intelligent manufacturing, green manufacturing and the upcoming short board equipment and other projects, Relying on national and industry innovation platform, adhere to the combination of independent innovation and integrated innovation, combination of production and research, To break through the key technology in key areas, to provide support for the industry ,to upgrade the quality and efficiency.
3. Continue to strengthen the construction of scientific and technological innovation system, lay a solid foundation for scientific and Technological Development. Strengthening the construction of the research and development system of the key technology in the industry, Strengthening the construction of industry innovation platform and the system construction of scientific and technical service platform, Strengthen the construction of enterprise as the main body of research and development system, Further accelerate the industrialization process of scientific and technological achievements, and constantly standardize and improve the management level of scientific and technological innovation system.
4. Accelerate the construction of a new pattern of scientific and technological work, and constantly improve the level of service capabilities. Efforts to innovate the mode of work and work, focus on building a more scientific and effective work system, focus on strengthening the investigation and study, to strengthen communication with relevant government departments, actively reflect the industry and enterprise demands, to strive for the needs of the industry and the company's technology into the country and sector related programs, strive for more policy support. Establish and improve the industry information communication channels, relying on industry innovation platform, industrial technology alliance, etc., exploring new mechanism and new ways of collaborative innovation.
5. Comprehensively promote the construction of scientific and technical personnel, to provide personnel guarantee for the industry and technology innovation. To put practical scientific and technical personnel team building as the first important task to promote the innovation of science and technology industry, To put it bring into the industry and enterprise development planning, and as a hard task to be implemented.

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