Frying equipment technological revolution

2017-01-11 by Tina
Technical level and basic conditions of the Chinese association of frying machine in recent years has Fried machining enterprise of China machinery manufacturing enterprises (including Fried machining) guide and regulate the industry, and plan to have a certain size to some Fried machining machinery manufacturing enterprises and development ability to foster and support, this will greatly promote the development of Fried machining mechanical. Through nearly 20 years of development, our country Fried machining technology has been greatly improved, especially the product is approaching on the processing technology of the world's advanced level, accumulated certain experience. For Fried machining machinery manufacturers, have also learned from Fried machining technology requirements of a lot of professional knowledge, understand the mechanical must meet Fried Fried machining principle of machining process requirement, to understand the technical principles of foreign advanced equipment, that is to say, has been with the foundation of further development of Fried machining mechanical conditions.

Frying machine features:
1, all the oil temperature automatic control, suitable for Fried food of various kinds of technological requirements.
2, the water valve is located in the lower reservoir, add water can at any time, Fried work would not be affected. Low water with temperature measuring device, the water temperature shows at a glance, and can also set the water temperature, compared with the measured temperature, higher than the set temperature, cooling measures. Prevent the happening of the phenomenon of boiling water in advance.
3, oil-water separation detection threshold. The water can be more accurate.
4, adopt the internationally used oil-water mixture process design, compared with ordinary deep fryer, more save cooking oil. To prolong the cycle of cooking oil.
5, adopt the frying equipment, produced in the process of Fried food residue by filtering sink into the lower part of the water funnel area, the drainage outlet discharge, already so, reach the role of the oil filter, and do not waste oil.

snack frying machine

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