The development trend of instant noodles production line

2017-01-10 by Tina
Our country must walk the path of specialization of production, by simple repetition, expand production quantity method does not work, must develop in high-grade equipment, efforts to improve the technology content, to do the product, do, and stronger.

So far, instant noodles, had crossed the three stages of development. Instant noodles is the advent of the fourth stage. Review of instant noodles first three stages of development, it changes always stay in form, and the change of raw material is wheat, craft is rolling, cutting, frying. While new arrival instant noodles with corn, grains as raw materials, by squeezing the puffing the latest technology of instant noodles, smooth and refreshing taste, powerful somersault, faint scent. Because it is squeezed into the advanced process of maturation, and raw grain nutrients are not damage fraction.

Increasingly fierce competition in the instant noodles production line. Instant noodles production line in the future will be with industrial automation, promote the overall level of packaging equipment, development of multi-function, high efficiency, low consumption of food packaging equipment.

Instant noodles production line mainly reflects the development trend in high productivity, automation, single machine multi-function, multi-functional production line. Adopt the related new technologies, in the packaging on a large number of using inflatable packaging instead of vacuum packaging, pneumatic components, packaging materials and inflatable packaging machine combining three aspects of the study; On the control technology, more application of computer technology and microelectronic technology; The application of heat pipe and cold sealing technology in sealing.

instant noodle production line


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