Amazing "Noodle" Dishes

2016-12-19 by sherry
Here's a fun way to get your daily dose of vegetables: turn them into noodles. Not sure where to start?  Following noodles are the modle we found on the Internet, there are most creative veggie-noodle dishes on the Internet:
Chicken Pho Zucchini Noodle Soup:Few foods feel more restorative than a fragrant, piping-hot bowl of pho. It's our go-to cure for hangovers, sniffles, and bone-chilling Winter nights. For all that, plus a generous dose of veggies, try this zucchini-noodle version.
Cucumber Mint Noodles With Ginger Dressing:Our mouths are watering just thinking of how refreshing a bowl of cucumber noodles slicked in ginger-tamari dressing would be.
Cucumber-Avocado Tuna Hand Rolls:Obsessed with hand rolls? For a veggie-packed version of the sushi-restaurant staple, fill nori rolls with cucumber noodles, avocado, and spicy tuna.Amazing "Noodle" Dishes
Thai Green Curry Sweet Potato Noodle Bowl:Hearty sweet potato noodles meet their match when tossed with a vibrant Thai green curry sauce, peas, and cashews.
Zucchini Noodles Aglio, Olio, e Pepperoncino: When you're craving this simple, garlicky Italian classic but would rather not dig into a big plate of pasta, swap zucchini noodles for the traditional spaghetti.
No-Noodle Pad Thai: Traditional pad thai is delicious, but it's not exactly light. Instead, try this recipe inspired by the popular Thai noodle dish; it subs crisp, shredded radishes, carrots, and zucchini for the chewy rice noodles. 
Carrot Pasta With Tahini Garlic Sauce: Strands of sweet, earthy carrot take to a lush, zesty tahini-based sauce like they're old friends.noodle dishes on the Interne
Tuna Salad With Cucumber and Avocado: Add fresh flavor and crunch to tuna salad with spiralized cucumber noodles.
C-ordinated with the vegetables, noodles will be amazing, you can choose stick noodles, it produced by Stick Noodles Production Line, stick noodle is very easy to cook, just put the noodles into the boiling water, and waiting for few minute,delicious noodles will done.

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