How to Make Ghana Chips For Sale?

2019-12-10 by Tina
Chin chin also named ghana chips, it is a popular snack in Nigeria, Ghana, Canada, USA and other places. How to make ghana chips for sale? Ghana chips cutting machine is essential. Its use allows people to cut a large number of chinchin in a short time, and the shape is uniform.
As people's demand for this snack grows, the ghana chips cutting machine is very popular. It not only helps people improve production efficiency, but also has a wide range of uses, this cutter machine can make chinchin of different shapes and sizes.
Ghana Chin Chin Cutting Machine For Sale
How to Operate Ghana Chin Chin Cutting Machine
The prepared dough is dosed into the feed port, starting the chin chin cutter, and the dough is automatically subjected to the feeding and pressing process by the conveyor belt and the rolls. Then, through cutting part, you can cut the ghana chips of various patterns, such as square, strip, triangle, rhombus, etc.

Industrial ghana chips cutter machine is widely used in more than 20 varieties of foods such as blue-red silk, crispy candy, shofar honey and small hemp leaf. It simulates the principle of manual cutting, and the finished product surface is smooth, and the cutting shape is various. Applicable to the teaching aids of pasta, pastry, pastry processing enterprises and pastry schools.

Ghana Chin Chin Cutting Machine Features
1. The width, length and thickness of chin chin can be adjusted, and its shapes can be changed through changing the cutters.
2. Ghana chips cutting machine can produce many kinds of snacks, such as nigerian chin chin, chinese rice strips, etc. 
3. The cutter machine occupies a small area, high production output, high efficiency, it is not only cheap but also durable.
4. In the production of cutting ghana chips, the dough will not stick to the cutter, make sure forming a good and complete shape.
5. Each machine will be equipped with five cutter, if you have special requirements, can also customize it according to your requirements.

This ghana chips cutting machine need one worker to operate, it is an ideal equipment for cutting chin chin of different shapes and sizes. If you are interested, the company also provide fryer, seasoning machine, packing machine for chin chin.

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