How to extend the peanut candy shelf life?

2017-01-11 by Tina
Peanuts are an important kind of edible agricultural products in China, contains rich protein, fat, amino acids and other nutrients, and healthy diet value is higher. As a kind of strong adaptability of crops, the peanut grow in many parts of the country.
peanut candy
Peanuts can be used as food, also can be used as food ingredients, processing into other food, such as peanuts, sugar, peanut crisp, peanut milk, peanuts, biscuit, peanut cake, peanut bread. Peanut candy is a kind of convenience food, because of good taste, nutrition, health, edible is convenient, easy to preserve and carry, loved by consumers.

Scientific design manufacturing process, to avoid cross contamination and used dynamic sterilization machine and other advanced food security technology, which can effectively prevent mold microbial contamination such as peanut peanut candy sugar, an extended guarantee period.

Dynamic sterilization equipment, which can effectively improve the cooling air of workshop and packing workshop health quality, prevent microbial contamination of peanut candy, peanut candy to an extended guarantee period. NICOLER sterilization technology refers to the man-machine can realistically operation mode of sterilization, the air sterilization, the staff without leaving, harmless to human body health, so called dynamic sterilization technology. Sterilization equipment which is developed by dynamic sterilization technology is called dynamic sterilization machine.

In peanut candy production process by peanut brittle bar production line, a dynamic sterilization machine and all the food quality control measures, can prevent peanut candy peanut candy from microbial contamination, such as an extended guarantee period, contribute to the development of peanut food, health food consumption demand.


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