How to Fry Chicken Wings with Flour?

2018-10-16 by Tina
Fried chicken wings are a common delicacy, the main practice is to wrap the chicken wings with mixed flour, which is obtained by frying. How to fry the chicken wings with flour? The most important step here is to fry, to fry the chicken wings with good color, then the temperature of the control must be accurate. This article focuses on two methods of making fried chicken wings, one suitable for home use (manual production) and one for commercial (machine-made).
How to Fry Chicken Wings with Flour
Hand made fried chicken wings:
Prepare chicken wings and some spices: soy sauce, garlic, wine, pepper, salt, lemon juice, chicken essence, cooking wine.
1. The chicken wings washed into soy sauce, garlic, wine, pepper, salt, chicken essence, cooking wine marinated for 1-2 hours or so;
2. Wipe the lemon juice evenly on the flooded chicken wings;
3. Apply a layer of butter on the frying pan and put the chicken wings in a frying pan for 10 minutes.
How to Fry Chicken Wings
Machine made fried chicken wings:
The deep fryer machine is semi-automatic and requires manual delivery of the material, and the machine Works automatically. Frying machine is mainly suitable for small and medium-sized food factory, it can make most of the fried snacks, such as broad beans, green beans, peanuts, nuts and other nut and cat ears, shell crisp and other noodle products and puffed food. The fryer machine is characterized by intelligent temperature control, high efficiency, thus reducing labor costs, convenient and intelligent. Energy mainly uses electricity, heat conduction oil, coal, natural gas, liquefied gas and external circulation heating. Fried chicken wings with a good color, fragrance, taste is good, the appearance of clean and beautiful no black slag, and improve product output, extended shelf life.


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