Grinding Machine's Importance in Food Field

2017-01-12 by Lisa
With the continuous improvement of the level of science and technology and the development of national economy, colloid mill is widely used in various fields, the needs and requirements of the colloid mill products is also increasing in many industries, colloid mill will play an irreplaceable role.
fruit paste making machine

The basic working principle of colloid mill is shearing, grinding and high speed stirring. Depend on two tooth surface relative motion to grind, one is with the high speed spins, another is static. The material between the tooth surface is subjected to great shearing force and friction force, and at the same time, under the action of the high frequency vibration and the high speed vortex, the material can be effectively dispersed, floated, crushed and homogenized. Moon cake stuffing, dairy products, chocolate, bean sauce, jam, peanut butter, cream and other beverages can be processed.

In our country the colloid mill enterprise seek further development of the technical approaches. In the analysis and reference of advanced foreign products technology at same time more deeply on colloid mill technology development trends and product development towards a comprehensive thinking and analysis. Strive to develop new products with independent intellectual property rights.

Colloid mill plays an important role, especially in the good context of China's food development situation, the status of colloid mill has become more and more prominent. Food industry over a long period of time is an important part of China's massive fixed investment program. Moreover, our government implements the localization of the 70% equipment on the policy, first procurement of domestic products principle. This is for our food manufacturing enterprises, is a rare opportunity for development.


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