China's food machinery market applicability analysis

2017-01-12 by Tina
Because of the food industry processing object is various, the processing properties and process conditions vary. The food machinery are required to meet the processing requirements of the end product. food quality, safety and health, nutrition, convenient with a specific requirement. 
food machine
(1) safe applicability. Applicability is safety in the food processing machinery safety, production safety and food safety. One is the mechanical safety. Is from mechanical damage caused by the effect, the machinery to minimize risk. The second is the production safety. Enough to production safety, industrial hygiene, the guarantee of safety and health of workers in the production of the premise, from the management, production technology and equipment used on the regulations of people's safety behavior and safety production of the necessary material conditions. Three, it is food safety. Mainly including food hygiene, food quality, food nutrition and related aspects.

(2) Health applicability. Is food machinery design, manufacture process who cattle requirements for mechanical structure, mainly including the structure of the product contact surface and the contact surface materials, surface structure, can be clean, durability and can check the hygiene requirements; For mechanical structure of the food machinery, should determine the critical control points of health risk, take measures to ensure the health requirements of the mechanical structure.

(3) Complete sets of applicability. Industrialization in processed foods, mostly less than single production, but to form a complete set production line homework should be carried out. Applicability is to guarantee continuous operation, therefore, complete sets of balanced production, the processing performance and product quality important link, its principle is to realize the reasonable economic scale, meet the technique requirements and the reasonable matching between devices and equipment, etc, so that the normal operation of production line, save energy consumption and convenient maintenance, safety and health, to ensure that the advanced nature, rationality and reliability of the production line.


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