The Big Mystery of Noodles

2017-01-12 by Tina
In china, noodles has a long history. Of the eastern Han dynasty, Jin dynasty"boiled cake", "soup cake" are noodles first. Noodles belong to the staple food of economic full belly, both of the or appeal to good food. many dignitaries like to eat noodles, and noodle to entertain guests. The noodles are so popular, what is the reason?
noodle machine
Noodles is the most suitable for lunch.Noodles are rich in carbohydrates, which can provide enough energy, and in the process of cooking can absorb a lot of water, after the 100 grams of cooked noodles into 400 grams. So can produce strong full abdomen feeling, in addition, the noodles can stimulate people's thinking activity, the human brain and nervous system need a carbohydrate accounted for 50% of the food. Noodles is the beneficial ingredients, durum wheat contains B vitamins, they have a stimulative effect on brain cells. So at noon to eat a bowl of noodles, reasonable nutrition is a good choice. And in the morning should take some general food protein content is higher, eat noodles in the evening is not conducive to digestion and absorption. Noon eat noodles to conform to the Chinese old saying "eat good early, noon to eat, eat less later" principle.

Noodles really get fat? Every 150 grams of cooked noodles contains 1 g of fat, 7 grams of protein, 40 grams carbohydrates, heat is 180 kilocalorie, relative to some high fat food of high quantity of heat, it is not a fatty foods, but it can give a person special satiety. Because many studies have shown that slow play a role of carbohydrates can increase satiety, therefore, appropriate amount per day of noodles does not have the risk of obesity.

Eat noodles also depends on the physical fitness. Eat noodles can't influenced by habit, eat noodles, in Beijing in Sichuan eat Dan Dan noodles, but depending on the season, constitution to eat noodles, can enjoy the delicious at the same time, the guarantee of health.

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