Seasoning Fried Food Making Process

2017-01-12 by Lisa
Fried food seasoning machine has three types, divide into octagonal, disc and drum type. The seasoning machine is octagonal type introduced today. The equipment is easy to operate, high capacity, mix evenly, automatic discharge and other characteristics. The made material is high quality stainless steel 304, according to different level of food safety in many countries, you can customized by your need. Can be used for any food seasoning, mixing, is currently the most advanced food seasoning equipment.

Mainly used to stirring and mixing materials in the production of puffed food and frying food. Peanut, soybean, walnut, potato chips, and other processed foods with seasonings can evenly mixed in 5-6 minutes. It automatically poured food by tilt, it has low noise in working, beautiful appearance.


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