The instant noodles industry need taste and technological innovation

2017-01-12 by Tina
At present,the national instant noodles production line more than two thousand. but the real scale production can maintain normal start homework about two hundred alone. Now the instant noodles market is far from mature in China,the industry is still under development stage.

With the continuous development of science and technology, the emergence of a variety of food, aquatic products, food equipment are put forward new requirements. Increasingly fierce competition in the instant noodles production line. Instant noodles production line will be with industrial automation in the future .
Review the development history of the instant noodles industry in our country, this is the path of a quick buck to imitate, and is also a stumbling matures quest. The characteristics of the instant noodles industry development in China is raw material processing depth, most still use the traditional process, the production efficiency is low, the product belongs to the mid-range, high-end products also rely on imports. In recent years has been for change, breach, but the road to change is also stay in form, the enterprise mainly introduced modern technology and instant noodle production line, but the lack of independent property rights of high-tech production technology.

So out of the bottleneck of industry development, constant innovation to improve production process, flour products industry in China is the only way. Instant noodles production line in the future will be with industrial automation, multi-functional instant noodle production equipment, high efficiency and low consumption of food will be the development trend of the future industry. Instant noodles production enterprises in addition to the tastes of innovation, more to increase the technical requirements of instant noodle production line, only to realize the taste of innovation and technological innovation, in order to walk out of the haze of declining production.

instant noodle production line

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