How much you know about chopsticks etiquette ?

2017-01-12 by Tina
Chopsticks are Asian's main dining utensils. Hold chopsticks pose when dining need to use other dishes should be regulated should put down the chopsticks can not insert the chopsticks into a bowl of rice. Occupied leaves temporarily cannot put the chopsticks on the bowl ,should be put it on the shelf. This is ancestors offering resettlement way see foot end rice (refers to because like worship god when inserted into the furnace of action and general worship offering does not do so at others must put chopsticks shelf cannot correct chopsticks on the cups or plates or touch off easily. If you accidentally touch my chopsticks fell to the ground,you can ask the waiter give you another pair.
Chopsticks the table during a meal had been raised but I don't know which dish at this time do not use chopsticks to eat move back and forth in each dish or swimming in the air instead of back and forth on the dishes without food. Pick up the food later should not be back on the plates.

Don't get food into his mouth with chopsticks fork or use the tongue lick the attachments on the chopsticks don't use chopsticks to push more bowl, plate and cups. When you talk at the table don't put the chopsticks when items at random flurry or use chopsticks knocks dishes desktop guidance to others with chopsticks. Can't use chopsticks to people or have dinner with chopsticks After each use chopsticks to gently down as far as possible don't make noise.

Don't use chopsticks knock bowl tub. Meet to a dinner party at home, in particular, may not be chopsticks knock bowl tub wildly.

Not able to chopsticks in his mouth. So it's not polite to health.

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