Rice noodle mechanization level need breakthrough

2017-01-12 by Tina
In the 21st century, China's economic rapid development, people growing demand for food, traditional rice vermicelli production efficiency is not high, low standardization, it is difficult to meet the requirements of the huge market demand and food safety. Therefore, rice production gradually transition from manual to mechanization, and standardization, obviously improve the degree of automation. Now,the rice noodles on the market basically has to get rid of the traditional manual production, using the rice noodle machine universal machine.

Traditional rice noodle processing, the need to go through crushing, steamed rice cook, forming three program, easy to cause secondary pollution, produce rice flour is used black, and requires a lot of manpower, it is difficult to reduce costs. And rice noodles machine has the characteristics such as simple operation, convenient, health, not only low cost, high yield, processing of rice noodles, glittering and translucent, fine and good taste.

In addition, the rice noodle production using large wire extrusion equipment, operators can be energy saving and saving; After low temperature aging, can shorten the aging time, easy to realize continuous production; With frozen aging technology can well solve the problem of separation of the fans. These are beneficial to expand production, and improve business efficiency, also reduced the influence of artificial factors on the quality to maintain a relatively stable product quality.

The emergence of the rice noodle machine effectively alleviate the pressure enterprise production, the capacity expansion, reduce the labor cost has a great help. Times are changing, however, that consumer demand is also changing, food processing machinery and keep pace with the development, inevitably affect the progress of the entire food industry.

The spread of rice culture and the expansion of market depends largely on the rice noodle machine constantly updating. It can be said that the development of the rice noodle machine is directly related to the rice market of the future.

rice noodle making machine


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