Stainless Steel Machine for Grinding Sesame Butter Tahini

2019-12-10 by Lisa
As a machinery specializing in grinding, it has many uses. In the food field, this stainless steel grinder machine often used for grinding nuts, fruits and vegetables, meat and so on. Moreover, the grinding module can be adjusted. Here we use the machine to grind sesame.

Using this sesame butter grinding machine can greatly improve the production efficiency of workers(one hour can , while ensuring that the taste and flavor of sesame tahini are unchanged. Grind at least 50 kg of sesame butter for an hour.
Stainless Steel Sesame Butter Grinding Machine

This grinder machine is made of stainless steel 304, it has sturdy and durable functions, and the sesame sauce is made more hygienic and healthier.
1. The sesame butter grinding machine can handle different materials, with a wide range of applications, it is practical and affordable.
2. It is an indispensable equipment in sesame tahini production line, with various output, suitable for large, medium and small sauce factories.
3. The operation of the sesame tahini grinder machine is very simple. For novices, we provide operation videos and instructions.
4. Stainless steel materials made, this grinding machine has a good appearance, it is beautiful and has a high quality.
5. High efficiency, sesame butter tahini grinding machine reduces labor intensity and reduces labor expenditure, fast returns.

This machine for grinding sesame butter tahini with high quality and efficiency, one machine can suitable for other materials, the machine is very practical, users can own a machine to handle different materials. If you are interested this grinder machine, please contact with us. We also can be customized by users' requirements.

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