How Does Automatic Sugar Cone Making Machine Work?

2019-05-21 by Lisa
How Does the Sugar Cone Making Machine Work?
This work video shows how the machine works, and in the video, sugar cone machine does not require manual operation, and independently completes the processes of injection, baking, and rolling.

In order to meet different customers' requirements, our company produced this series ice cream cone machine. Many different sizes of cones can be made by this machine, but there are limits, the minimum size of sugar cone is 3.8 cm in diameter and 9 cm in length.

Advantages of Sugar Cone Machine: Compared with the semi automatic ice cream cone machine, this automatic sugar cone making machine is more convenient to operate, saving time, saving manpower and cost. So many customers chose this ice cream cone machine. 

GGTT25 model sugar cone machine mainly provides a waffle cone for filling ice cream in the next process. First the batter will be placed on the baking plate to bake biscuit sheet, then rolled into a cone, transportation and collection. It adopts advanced digital analog conversion module, for the temperature, the viscosity of raw materials, baking time and other control more accurate, greatly improve the efficiency.
Full Automatic Cone Making Machine
Sugar cone making machine adopts touch control technology (TP), the operation is more simple and convenient. As the main equipment for ice cream cone production, and its performance is superior, quality is high. If you are interested with this sugar cone machine, please contact with us.

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