How to Make Crunchy Chin Chin for Sale?

2019-07-19 by Tina
Chin chin is a famous snack in Nigeria and Ghana, we usually sold chin chin fryer machine, cutting machine to these countries. Here we introduce the frying machine.
This fryer machine is the main equipment used for frying peanuts, crunchy chin chin, green peas, broad beans, chicken, french fries, potato chips, pigskin, chickpea, corn chips, fish, banana chips, etc. It has a large output and can be work continuously. 
Chin Chin Frying Machine for sale
Continuous Chin Chin Fryer Machine Characteristic Performance
1. Oil-water mixed design, the waste residue generated during the frying process sinks into the water, and the oil in the slag is returned to the oil layer.
2. Using digital temperature control, the temperature difference is small, the temperature can be controlled at 0-300 degrees, heating up safe.
3. This chin chin fryer machine uses multi-fun design, its advantages of slag clean no dead ends, no residue, keep the interior clean, easy to clean.
4. Variable frequency speed control motor and frequency converter control, frying time range from 20 seconds to fifteen minutes adjustable.
5. Chin chin fryer is used in a wide range of foods such as peanuts, chin chin, chickpeas, broad beans, french fries, and so on.
This fryer is a commercial equipment for making crunchy chin chin. It is often for sale to Nigeria, Ghana, USA, India, Vietnam, etc. Customers who are interested in our products can contact us at any time.

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