The development of noodle mechanization is unstoppable

2017-01-16 by Tina
As people life rhythm speeding up, the nutrition of cooking the pursuit of more and more high, fast but also has a natural nutritious food favored by consumers. and this kind of food is the traditional Chinese steamed buns, dumplings, noodles, pasta. In the people's favorite, and  under the background of processed food mechanization, the steamed stuffed bun, dumplings machine, noodle machine, such as pasta machine is become a small food processing enterprises preferred entrepreneurship.
Historically pasta always occupies the important position, in the restaurant industry rapid development today, people still love to traditional Chinese pastry food, all kinds of costs, local dumpling, steamed bread chain, such as rise is not short, everywhere can see numerous stalls in the street, especially during the busy morning these stands for us common people really save a lot of time.

These large and small noodle shop, shuttle is processing the master busy figure, with noodles, rolling skin, filling, steamed, each process can't be careless. Look simple, but only by manpower, the labor intensity and labor cost. In order to reduce labor cost, improve production efficiency, pasta machine gradually replaced manual, has become one of the big noodle shop assistant.

For the safety of the food industry problem now, can prevent the machines through automated production caused by artificial some unhealthy behavior,and are safe to eat a large extent.


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