Automatic Stainless Steel Potato Chips Seasoning Machine For Sale

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potato chips seasoning machine
The potato chips seasoning machine is also named flavoring machine, mainly used in the later stage of food seasoning powder mixing or coating powder coated and blending special. The seasoning machine structure is simple and practical, barrel body for the stainless steel octagonal design, this design avoids the raw material in the ball mixing bucket, mixing uneven defects, in a relatively short period of time to be processed food materials and the necessary seasoning fully mix evenly, automatically tilt the food material out of the barrel. To achieve automatic mixing, automatic feeding purposes, and cleaning no dead angle. The machine is a automatic equipment, it is for sale in many countries, all with high quality, different capacity.
Potato chips seasoning machine advantages: This equipment made of high quality stainless steel 304, good appearance, easy to operate, mixing material evenly, is fried food seasoning, food mix into the equipment, stainless steel production, with clean and sanitary, high efficiency and energy saving advantages. Application: used in various types of fried and non-fried food seasoning, even hanging a variety of powder, syrup. The seasoning machine products sanitary, easy to clean. 
potato chips seasoning machine for sale
1, the boot should be done before the detailed inspection, see the potato chip seasoning machine fastening parts have no loosening phenomenon. Check that the power cord is damaged. There is no foreign matter in the barrel. Detect whether the use of voltage to meet the requirements.
2, the machine will be put on a smooth boot. The machine runs safely for a minute, then stops and puts in the raw material needed for mixing and seasoning.
3, after working for a period of time, depending on the seasoning materials needed to stir evenly, to meet the requirements, the machine will be closed. Push the control lever behind the machine to pull the barrel forward and pour the material out.
Technical Data
Model GGCY800
Dimension 1000*800*1300mm
Power 1.1KW
Voltage 220 /380V  50Hz 
Capacity 30kg/time
Weight 130kg
Additional Device with spraying system and heater


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