Cube sugar making machine price

2017-08-23 by Tina
Cube sugar making machine can achieve automatic rotation, automatic frequency control and continuous briquetting, and is mainly applied in the briquetting of sugar with cube shapes. this equipment is suitable for water powder, such as shredded sugar (sugar, brown sugar, red sugar) and chicken essence, monosodium glutamate, sugar powder, etc.

It has two common specifications of 16*16*13mm and 16*16*15mm.

According to different raw materials, the production, according to different materials, when the machine is used to stir feeding machine, infrared drying oven, plate interlocking machine conveyor, automatic block machine, automatic packaging machine, printer and other supporting, bring into line production, such as white granulated sugar, chicken essence, etc., and brown sugar, sugar substitute directly after briquetting can finish packing.

Reliable performance, simple construction stable operation, long service life.

By changing the molds, this plant is able to produce various shape of high quality sugar cube such as square sugar, heart-shaped sugar and special shape sugar cube.

cube sugar making machine


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