Frying machine market benefit

2017-01-10 by Tina
After years of development, the frying equipment industry in our country has formed a certain number of enterprises and the scale of production, especially in food, such as fruit and vegetable processing play an important role, promote the farmers increase production efficiency, driving the development of rich.

Nutrition, convenient, safe, green is the development trend of current food production. The unique flavor, pure natural fruit and vegetable chips by the United States, Australia, Japan and other developed countries and regions of the welcome of people. Fried products with its unique flavor, numerous varieties, healthy ingredients, are very popular among people all over the world, has been hailed as the Fried snack food "green revolution" of the century.

Consumer demand for leisure food is not satisfied with the taste good, hygiene and packing grade higher these more basic levels of consumer demand, also hope can give oneself at the same time in the product good nutrition, health, vitality, fashion features of interest and spirit to enjoy, the characteristics of fruit and vegetable chips products to consumers, consumer demand for leisure food.

Fried is developed in the late 1960 s and early 70 s a new food processing technology, has many unique and widely adaptability of processing raw material. Therefore, in the 80 s and 1970 s, the technology has made great development in USA and Japan, has been selling Fried food in the world with fruit, vegetables, meat, aquatic products, etc. Our country in recent years is very active on Fried technology research and development, has developed the bananas, apples and other fruits and vegetables Fried products.

Fried noodles taste variety, color, aroma, taste tempting, crispy and delicious, nutritious, convenient and affordable, can cure hunger, will be more and more popular with consumers.

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