Macaroni pasta production line for sell

2017-01-10 by Tina
Pasta processing line is a new-designed production line which adopts abroad advanced technology. Pasta macaroni production line is produced by single-screw extruder through the single screw extruder or twin screw extruder high pressure extruding, high temperature heating finally through the mold to form different Pasta shapes. The shape have ring,round tube,square tube,spiral,shell,3S,circle tube and so on according to change the mold on the extruder head.

Macaroni production equipment to absorb the foreign similar products of advanced technology and scientific innovation, the use of advanced production technology, won several national patents. This production line is reasonable design, high degree of automation and control precision extrusion parameters, the host is equipped with high and low pressure spiral, increased the using range of raw materials, reduce the cost and improve the product quality. The equipment multi-usage, complete products, great variety, the length of the products can production.

1, mix machine: according to the production of different choose different types of mixed powder machine

2, single screw host: according to the different varieties of products with different types of extrusion host, we according to the production line configuration is commonly used to form a complete set of the production line

3, delivery cut-off machine: cut off.

5, wind cooling machine bed: used to rapid cooling blowing cadres to distribute sticky, stick together the products;

6, hot air drying machine: used for drying the product;

7, automatic machine: Fried jilt oil machine;

8, flavor line: this production line can choose single drum seasonings line, can use injection alone.

pasta processing line


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