The Production Process Of Frying Peanut

2018-02-27 by sherry
Fried peanut is a familiar dishes in China, fried peanut sounds like a simple thing, but it is really a technology thing. The first time I fried peanut, the outer part of the peanut is paste, and the inside is raw. Because I didn't adjust the fire into a good heat. Well after study and practice, I found the way to fry peanut:
fried peanut
1. Prepare peanuts, water soak With boiling for 2-3 minutes, one of the key points is to keep the crispy fried.
2. Remove the peanuts, get rid of moisture, Make the surface of peanuts water free.
3. Heat pot, ensure there is no water in the pot, then pour 2 spoon oil into the pot, immediately, put peanuts into the pot. Keep a small fire, and stir fry a few peanuts. Dip fry for about 2 minutes.
4. Use medium fire, stir-fry quickly until the peanuts crackling, turn off the fire, stir fry for a few times with the lingering warmth in the pot.
5. Finally, drain oil and dished up.

The furnace is very important In the process of fried peanuts, this dish would be good to do if it in a good heat.but in the industry, how do peanut frying processing line fry peanuts?
1. Prepare peanuts: Select small particles of peanuts, peanuts should be uniform particles, no insects, no pests etc.
2. Deep frying: Pour the peanuts into gas type continuous deep fryer, and the fryer accroding Oil-water mixture frying process, Control the temperature of the upper and lower oil layers, Effectively relieve the oxidation degree of frying oil, Inhibition of acid medium, automatic filter residues in the frying process, automatic control temperature.
3. Deoiling: Oil Filter oil for fried peanuts. Oil filter is a filter device, which uses gravity, centrifugal, pressure, vacuum distillation, mass transfer and other technical methods to remove mechanical impurities, oxidation products and water in impure oil. Oil filter is mainly used to improve the cleanliness of the mechanical and electrical appliances, so that it can play the best performance and extend the service life of the equipment.
4. Cooling: Bottom Discharging Deoiling Machine will remove peanuts to cooling machine. Cooling machine is a kind of machine which can achieve the effect of refrigeration by vapor compression or absorption cycle. The peanut is cooled by the cooling machine
5. Seasoning: After cooling, peanuts are removed into Seasoning Machine, the machine will Sprinkle the sauce on the peanut.

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