Cold Sealing Technology Come Into China: Food Flexible Packaging Can Be Expected

2017-01-10 by sherry
Recently, Boss rubber articles frozen Technology Symposium held in Shanghai. Cold sealing technology is a smart technology applied in soft packaging industry,and is also an important weapon to expanding China’s soft packaging market. Cold sealing technology only used in packing chocolate, wafer etc. in Chinese market .On this foundation ,food flexble packaging technology is worth to pursuing.
food packing
The days before,Boss rubber "life more rubber" large brand series activities of rubber cold sealing technology and important customer workshop held in Shanghai. Take this opportunity, Boss rubber articles cold sealing technology and a series of innovative cold sealing adhesive products expand the Chinese soft packaging market actively.
As we know ,as a pioneer of adhesive glue ,Boss rubber is the inventor of cold sealing technology and the global leader of cold sealing glue. Cold sealing technology is a smart technology applied in soft packaging industry, it can be widely used in various types of food, cosmetic and other packaging . It has a faster packaging speed, improve packaging production process, improve production capacity, but also to maintain the integrity of the food,and has high security.
Boss glue without solvent , cold sealing and high temperature cooking adhesive is widely used in the field of soft package, it can meet customers’ packing requirements from the general packaging,aluminum foil structure to high temperature cooking.
Boss rubber senior vice president of Asia indicate , China is a very important market for economic growth in Asia . Boss rubber is a market leader in the field of cold sealing technology,it has market share in China is up to 80%. However, cold sealing technology currently only used in chocolate wafer packaging etc in China on the market, So still has great development potential and space in the future.

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