How to eat sesame paste is the most healthy?

2017-01-12 by Tina
Sesame paste, and we all ate, special taste sweet, very easy to cause the person's appetite. That people love to eat sesame paste, sesame paste what nutrition? How to eat sesame paste the healthiest, most can ensure nutrition?
sesame tahini
The calcium content of calcium expert: sesame paste is high also, every 100 grams of sesame paste contains 612 mg of calcium, far higher than common calcium foods such as milk, bean curd.

Prevent diabetes and high blood pressure: high zinc and potassium content of sesame paste, these two kinds of minerals has a very good role in the prevention and treatment of diabetes and high blood pressure: zinc involved in insulin synthesis and degradation; The potassium has the effect of diastolic blood vessels, promote the excretion of sodium, is conducive to healthy blood pressure.

Resist oxidation, prevent distortion, sesame paste, there are two no vitamins, is a kind of vitamin E, is a kind of folic acid. The former has antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effect, so often eat sesame paste can improve human disease resistance, anti-aging; Folic acid is not only the raw material of hematopoietic or fetal neural tube development essential nutrients. Women in pregnancy every day to eat sesame paste preparation, until 3 months pregnant, can avoid fetal neural tube defects.

With water, water in the process of the bit by bit, just a few times will be very thick, then add water to continue the good, the dilute after add salt, vinegar, soy sauce (preferably light soy sauce), sesame oil, mix well.

Two teaspoons of sesame paste, two pieces of preserved bean curd (to the king and red fermented bean curd), a spoonful of sugar, a spoonful of Chinese chives flower (to the king and card card or 6), a spoonful of chicken, a spoonful of hot pepper paste or chili oil, pepper, Chinese prickly ash, cooking wine with a little oil, stir-fry the sesame seeds.

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