How to Use Electric Deep Fryer for Chips?

2020-02-25 by Tina
The deep fryer is a special equipment for frying food, so how to use electric deep fryer for chips? The following we will introduce the use of the fryer.

1. Before using the chips fryer, make sure to fry the food. The frying temperature and time of different materials are different, so adjust to a suitable frying temperature.
2. There are mainly two heating methods for the deep fryer. Users can choose between electric heating and gas heating according to their needs.
3. When refueling, the amount of oil should not exceed the electric heating pipe to prevent damage, and do not exceed the oil level line to prevent splashing.
4. The electric chips deep fryer machine is equipped with a frying frame, and the size of the frying frame can be changed as needed.

This chips frying machine is the commercial and professional fryer, whether it is potato chips, french fries, or banana chips, peanuts, broad beans, chicken, they can be fried. The fried color is good and the taste is good.

Here are a few things to note when using the electric chips deep fryer
1. Heating tube surface will produce some oil residue, use for a period of time should be timely cleaning, clean at least four times a month.
2. Timely cleaning residue on the surface of the deep fryer, residue accumulation of too much or too thick to prevent slag heat storage in fire. 
3. Check the properties and the sensitivity of the photoelectric switch regularly, the oil temperature at room temperature to 0-230 degrees between adjusted, according to the Fried product chosen temperature, automatic control of heating on and off.

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