De-oiling machine win the market

2017-01-05 by Tina
Fried foods also gradually become the topic of human concern, many people believe that Fried food is harmful to health, is actually not quite understand the principle of Fried. Fried as Chinese traditional food processing technology and its unique flavor, has become an important part in people's diet life. Deoiling machine is a kind of common Fried equipment, widely used in food industry.

Since the 90s, foreign research literature reports of Fried food mainly focuses on the technology of deep Fried. Among them, the research mainly includes the following aspects: reduce the fat content of the products, improve product quality; The research on the rules of heat and mass transfer in the process of frying, frying in the process of evaporation model and fat absorption, thereby provide Fried products with scientific theory prediction system.
De-oiling machine is the principle of mechanical centrifugal, high-speed rotation through the inner tube, the oil thrown out, and the collection device.
A "run" Fried squid, string that there was about 30 cm in length on the chopstick is more impressive, each big Fried squid pass "jilt oil machine" after deoiling, in order to be "mission accomplished".

Every article squid after 10 seconds "oil", just out of the pan Fried big squid into "deoiling machine", the master of a switch "deoiling machine" high-speed "oil". According to introducing, to cater to people of low oil low fat consumption fashion, their specialized research and development of this special deoiling process, each of the squid can "take off" out of the 15 grams of oil.

With the expansion of leisure food industry, some with strength and has the advantage of brand enterprises will certainly to equipment constantly updated, to ensure the perfect quality of leisure food. And snack food equipment companies will be east wind opportunely, future, win the market.

deoiling machine

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