Non-fried instant noodles high nutritional value

2017-01-05 by Tina
In recent years, our country Fried instant noodles relative surplus, the market slow-moving, rather than the Fried instant noodle market is booming. To be the good catch of the instant noodles on the market. The personage inside course of study thinks, the next few years, not Fried instant noodles will enter a golden development period.
non fried instant noodle processing line
Our country is the world's leading "kingdom" flour, flour products has possession of the international market, competitive advantage has become increasingly apparent. In recent years, the world consumption and the unit price of flour has a rising trend year by year, flour appeared in the international market in short supply situation.

Flour is rich in a variety of vitamins, nutritional value is high, is not only the traditional ration, and modern health treasures. With the improvement of people's living standard and the improvement of dietary structure, flour as medical food homologous new food resources, prevention and treatment of certain diseases, occupies an important position in modern green health products.

Flour processing and food on the market only stay at home and abroad on the propaganda, no development to consumers on the dining table, recently launched the Fried instant noodle is a golden key to develop international and domestic convenience foods market, experts assessment, "new food" production line broke the inherent mode of thinking people, grains as raw materials such as flour, don't add and chemical composition, has realized the scale food, costliness, dictionaries and eutrophication. Former vice director of food science and technology of China, now China cereals, oils and society senior adviser to Mr Liu Xingxin pointed out: "the instant noodles is grain as the raw material of instant noodles, its development improves the flour products market and processing field.

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