3 Minutes Non Fried Instant Noodles Production Line Indonesia

  • Output:30000 packs/8h
  • Voltage:380 V
  • Power:
  • Payment Method: T/T,L/C
Description of Non Fried Instant Noodle Production Line
This automatic non fried instant noodles production line adopts advanced technology, high degree of automation, with reasonable layout. Produced the instant noodle has high quality and good taste.

As a global fast food product, instant noodles have amazing annual sales. Among them, Asian countries headed by China and Indonesia, as well as Australia, Nepal, Russia and other countries are also very popular.
Non Fried Instant Noodle Manufacturing Machine
Non Fried Instant Noodle Production Process:
Flour mixing → Curing(about 20 minutes) → Composite continuous rolling → noodles steaming → frame cutting → folding → drying → cooling → packing

Components of the Production Line:
1. Salt water mixer: It is used to mix the salt, alkali, additives and water needed for dough mixing.
2. Two-speed dough mixer: Mix the flour and salt water mixture in a certain proportion to make the protein and starch in the flour absorb water and expand to form a flocculent dough.
3. Cooker: Cook the dough output from the dough mixer.
Instant Noodle Manufacturing Process
4. Continuous calender: The matured dough is continuously rolled into a sheet through rollers, and then cut into strips and arranged to form a corrugated surface.
5. Noodle steaming machine: transport the noodles that are corrugated and arranged in rows into the steaming box, and use steam heating to gelatinize the noodles and fix the shape of the corrugated noodles.
6. Cutting machine: used to quantitatively cut and fold the steamed corrugated surface into blocks.
Instant Noodles Making Machine
7. Dryer: It is used to dry the cut-shaped noodle block by hot air and high temperature to make it dehydrated and dry quickly to form a crisp instant noodle block.
8. Cooling conveyor: Pass the noodle block through forced air cooling to make it cool quickly. About 2 minutes, the temperature of the noodle block can be close to room temperature, which is convenient for packaging and storage.
9. Packing machine: Pack the instant noodles and seasoning packs into a bag or bowl at a uniform speed.

How Instant Noodles are Manufactured:

Features of Non Fried Instant Noodles Production Line
1. Using high-temperature rapid vaporization and drying technology, the rehydration and gelatinization degree of non-fried instant noodles can meet the requirements of instant noodles, and the defects of large investment and high energy consumption in the industry have been significantly improved.
2. Using steamed slice technology instead of traditional technology, the rehydration time of non-fried instant noodles is greatly shortened (only 2 to 4 minutes), which is especially suitable for the production of wide strips of non-fried instant noodles.
3. The fat content is only 4% to 5% (fried instant noodles are generally about 20%), which is close to raw noodles, with a light taste and healthier eating.
Automatic Non Fried Instant Noodle Production Line
About the capacity, the non fried instant noodles production line usually can produce 30000, 60000, 100000, 140000, and 180000 packs of instant noodles every 8 hours. Adopting advanced technology for nutrient and instant foodstuff complete lines, these instant noodle making machines areinnovative with advanced structure, excellent performance and reliable quality that provide an ideal choice for the investor in foodstuff industry.
Technical Data
No. Machine Name Model Quantity Note
1 Brine quantifier and mixer GG10 1 SET Power:0.75KW,Volume:100L/SET
The parts connect with water are made of stainless steel
2 Double speed dough mixer GG200 1 SET Power 9/11 kw,200kg/pot/manual door opening
The parts connect with flour are made of stainless steel
3 Disc cooker machine GG200 1 SET  Power:4kw,size of pan:Diameter1800mm*410mm
The parts connect with flour are made of stainless steel
(Make sure the flour after mixing can be absorbed and mixed well)
4 Composite and continuous dough pressing machine GG7-50 1 SET Dough width 350mm,power 5.5kw+5.5kw=11kw
7 sets steel roller,frame is made of steel structure(frequency control)
Diameter of roller:diameter 180*2,diameter 240*2,diameter180*2,diameter 162
5 Single layer GG50 1 SET 16 meter,water sealing
Main motor power 1.5kw(frequency control),Pan 0.37kw*2,stainless steel
6 Cutting,folding and conveying machine GG80 1 SET Main power 1.5kw+0.75kw,cutting blade 50 times/min,adjustable
7 Double layers drying machine GG50 1 SET Main motor power 1.5kw*2(frequency control+fan 5.5kw*4,net width:2 meters, total length:30m),stainless steel net
8 Horizontal conveyor GG63 1 SET Main motor power 0.37kw
9 Cooling conveyor GG63 1 SET One horizental:0.55kw,fan 0.37kw*4 ,length:6 meters.width:0.50 meter, Belt is made of stainless steel
10 Electricity control cabinet GG-1 1 SET Main program adopts frequency control, PLC program control
  Total power      About 55kw


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