Different Varieties of Starch

2016-11-09 by Leo
  The starch we use to thicken foods is also called cooking starch.It’s produced by various starch machines.It’s the polysaccharide condensation polymer of many glucose molecules.The starch we use to cook cuisines commonly includes mung bean starch, cassava starch, sweet potato starch, sweet potato starch, potato starch, wheat starch and water caltrop starch, lotus root starch, corn starch, etc.Starch is insoluble in water,and will paste into colloids when the water has been heated to the temperature of 60 degrees.Different variety of starch has different temperature that it pastes into colloids.And thickening foods uses this feature of starch.
  Following are some different kinds of starch.
  Mung bean starch:Mung bean starch is the best starch but the kind that we don’t usually use.After soaking in water for a period and grinding into powder,they will precipitate and combine to produce mung bean products.The feature of mung bean starch is that it has enough viscosity,small water imbibition.What’s more,the color of mung bean starch has white and glossy color.
  Potato starch:Potato starch is the most common starch in people’s daily use that we use most frequently.First,grind the material potatoes,then clean them and process the precipitate into products.The features of potato starch are:it has enough viscosity and fine texture.But the color of potato starch is better than mung bean starch.But the water imbibition of it is worse than mung bean starch.
  Cassava starch:it’s the powder of cassavas after the procedures of extracting,dewatering and drying.There are two main varieties of cassava starch,including original starch and various modified starch.It is widely used in food industries and non-food industries.And modified starch can be designed for customers’ detail requests for special functions.
  The color of cassava starch is white.It doesn’t have any smells and is suitable for the products that their smells need to be adjusted subtly.Besides,it has pretty high viscosity which can be used for many industrial functions.


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