Some Basic Introductions about Starch

2016-11-09 by Leo
  Presently,we often eat starch.And starch has various kinds that can be used for many different functions.For example,potato starch processed by potato starch processing machine is an important kind of food for people’s life.
  Starch is the same thing with the substance that we often call it “gorgon euryale”.Processed starch products appear to be white powder with no smell.It can be straightly eaten.And expect for this method,it can also be used to brew beer.What’s more,it is often used as the seasoning in dishes in different kinds of places.It has irreplaceable effects in cooking cuisines.
  Starch can be regarded as the high polymers of glucose.Expecting for the function of eating,starch can also be used in industrial purposes.For industries,enterprises use starch to make dextrin,maltose,glucose and alcohol lamp.What’s more,it can also be used for modulating printing paste,textile sizing,gluing papers,suppressing drug tablets,etc.
  Starch can be extracted from starchy materials like corns,sweet potatoes,wild acorns and pueraria,etc.It’s the nutrient stored in plants,reserved in the part of seeds and tubers.The content is pretty high in various plants.In rice,starch takes the proportion of 62% to 86%,57% to 75% in wheat,65% to 72 % in corns and more than 90 percent in potatoes.
  Starch is an important part of foods.When we are chewing rice,we will get the feeling of sweet in our mouths.And this is because the amylase in saliva has hydrolyzed starch into disaccharide--maltose.After foods entering our stomachs,they can also get hydrolyzed by saliva amylase secreted by pancreas.And after that,the produced glucose will be absorbed by our small intestines and become human tissue nutrients.Some parts of ranched chain starch will hydrolyze and can produce a mixture of substance that is called dextrin.Dextrin is mainly used as food additives,glue,paste and paste.It can also be used to manufacture papers and textiles.


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