The Functions of Starch

2016-11-09 by Leo
  Starch is very common in our daily life.Nowadays,starch is produced by starch production machines.It has many functions and varieties.Normally we eat potato starch,cassava starch,sweet potato starch.They belong to different varieties,so do the methods of eating.Do you often add some edible starch when you are cooking meals?And what are the functions of starch and what’s the value of eating starch often?Following are the answers of the above questions.
  With the depth of people’s knowledge about various foods,the pattern of only eating cassava that we used to take can no longer satisfy people’s demands.Therefore,many kinds of foods have been processed into starch which has become the important part of our daily eating.
  The starch in cassava will show in the appearance of pasty after being heated.And cassava are possessed abundant amount of vitamin C.But vitamin C can’t stand high-temperature and is easily soluble in water.Thus,the pasty starch will protect vitamin C very well.And the mineral substances possessed in it will do great benefits to our bodies’ health.What’s more,cassava starch is possessed of abundant calcium and magnesium.They can prevent the happening of rarefaction of bone very effectively.And the potassium element has the effect to reduce blood pressure.
  After being heated,some parts of cassava starch will change features.Comparing with raw cassavas,heated cassavas have about 40 percent more quantity of dietary fiber.With the increase of fibre that is not soluble in water,it can effectively stimulate the intestinal tract to promote defecation.When we are cutting cassavas,we will discover that a kind of white liquid will come out from underneath the surface of cassavas.This liquid has the function of relaxing the bowels.And this is very beneficial to some people.
  What’s more,it has the effect of restraining the aging of our skins to remain beauty.


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