Cube Sugar Making Machine Introduction

2018-05-24 by Tina
Cube Sugar Making Machine Introduction: Coffee taste bitter, usually people because of its bitter and away from it, so the advent of sugar cubes, a good solution to this problem. Its sweetness has greatly concealed the bitterness of coffee, which has been very popular so far. Sugar is a fine grain refined granulated sugar as raw material compression of half square block (that is, half of the cube) of advanced sugar products, abroad for many years of history. Its consumption increases rapidly with the improvement of people's living standard. Cube sugar making machine is a important equipment to make cube sugar, the machine produce the products with good appearance, different shapes and sizes.
cube sugar making machine introduction
This equipment is an automatic feeding sugar, automatic compression molding, continuous press block of the machine, which is mainly used for pressure block shape and other shapes. 18x18x13mm and 20x20x15mm and a variety of specifications. This equipment is used in the addition of water or no water powder or particles (humidity is 2-3%), such as sugar (sugar, brown sugar, red sugar) and chicken essence, MSG, sugar and other granules.
Note: According to different materials, this machine is used with infrared drying oven, flat linkage conveyor, automatic block machine, automatic packaging machine, coding machine and other supporting, into the assembly line, such as white sugar, chicken essence and so on. My company developed sugar equipment has more than more than 10 years of history, can provide sugar crushing, stirring, automatic feeding, molding, cooling, semi-automatic packaging and automatic packaging equipment, equipment exported to the United States, Russia, France, Mongolia and the Middle East, Africa, Southeast Asia, more than 20 countries, One of the 5 countries in Central Asia, every country has 3-5 production lines in our company.

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