Do you like the traditional snacks or the modern snacks?

2016-11-01 by admin
When it comes to the changes of snacks, people will have a lot of to discuss, such as the types, flavors, and brands. So do you like the traditional snacks or the modern snacks?
potato chips

peanut brittle
When you are asked do you like the peanut brittle or the potato chips, what will you answer? Generally speaking, most of the young people will say that we like potato chips with no hesitation, while some old or middle aged people will admit that we are not used to the potato chips and we like peanut butter especially in China. When comparing the peanut brittle with the potato chips, it is unnecessary for us to debate on which one is the best, and the real point is that you are supposed to eat what you like, and what makes you feel happy and comfortable is the best for you.
As a manufacturer, no matter which one you are producing, there is always for both of them, as different people have different habits, and the peanut brittle and potato chips have been popular in the market for a long time. Making profits from your business is the important topic for enterprises, therefore, our company has a whole set of potato chips production line for your reference.
potato chips production line
Our company has a potato chips production line available for our customers all over the world, and the process of it consists of raw material mixing, dough rolling, dough molding, air drying, frying, re-oiling, and flavoring.
This production line is made of the stainless steel with excellent performance, and the size and shape of potato chips can be adjusted in line with different moulds customized by our customers. With the advanced control system, the production line can work totally automatically, with high work efficiency and low material consumption and labor costs.
There are some frequently asked questions for your reference.
How about the heating method of the fryer?
Answer: the fryer can be customized to be electricity heating, gas heating, and coal heating according to customer’s requirement.
When will you deliver the goods for our customers?
We will prepare for the delivery within 7 days.
How about the shape and size of finished products?
We can customize the precise mould for our customers.
If you are interested in the potato chips production line, please contact us at any time, and we are already to answer your questions.

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