Do you think noodles are still made by hands?

2016-11-08 by Ellie
  Do you like eating noodles? How do you eating noodles? Do you know how to produce noodles? If you still think the noodle is made by human hands through dough making or pressing, then you should know something new about the leading factors, that is, the automatic and intelligent equipment.
  The noodle has a long history no matter in China or other foreign countries, but it never changes the position of staple food. Through decades of development, the technology and types have diversified greatly, at the same time, the production of noodles also become more and more automatic and mechanical.
fresh noodle maker
  From household manmade model to workshop development, the production of noodles is enlarging increasingly. Maybe some consumers think that the hand-made noodle is more soft and trustworthy, however, there are several safety events in recently years due to the dangerous factors in the production of hand-made noodles. According to the market situation, many dangerous factors exist in the hand-made noodles, such as raw material contaminated, virus transmission, and dirt flowing. At the same time, the production model of low efficiency and small quantity is being eliminated by the market. Therefore, the automation and intelligence is the inevitable trend of noodles.
  In terms of the modern equipment which is used in the production of noodles includes: flour maxing machine, dough sheet pressing, noodle forming, cutting, automatic noodle hanging machine and drying machine, automatic noodle packing machine. These machines make it possible for producers to save labor costs and raw materials, so they are more likely to improve work efficiency and yield in order to promote the development of the food industry.
  The fresh noodle maker is suitable for large noodle manufacturers, and the width and length of noodles can be adjusted by changing the width of knives. More detailed information is showed in the website of the GELGOOG Company, and if any questions are put forward, best services will be provided by our colleagues.

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