The Operation And Application of Dry Type Peanut Peeler Machine

2016-11-29 by Lisa
Product description:
Dry type peanut peeler machine is a pre requisite machine for processing coated peanuts,peanut candy,blanched peanut and other peanut products.After dried peanuts enter the peeling chamber formed by the friction sand roller,automatic separation of peanut kernel and peanut skin,become a complete milk white kernel.

This machine is unique in that the high peeling rate, without damage of the peeled peanuts, the color white, protein invariance.At the same time,automatic separation of skin and kernel.In addition,the machine has the characteristics of small size, low energy consumption, high efficiency, easy operation and so on.

dry type peanut peeler machine

Application domain:
Widely used in the production of pre peeling treatment for fried peanuts,coated peanuts,peanut cake,peanut candy, peanut milk,peanut protein powder and rice pudding,peanut butter and canned products etc.

Sincere service:

Pre sales service:
To accept customer consultation, according to customer needs, determine the size of the business, to provide construction program;
With project design, process design for customers, for the development of your machine equipment purchase plan, timely provide relevant technical documents for the customer; according to your special requirements, design and manufacture of products for your training and technical personnel operating the preliminary design and construction design.

Sale service:
The company sent technicians to the scene to guide the installation of equipment,commissioning and training of operators.Service for you within 24 hours at working day.

After-sale service:
Refers to the customer in the process of using equipment in the process of difficult problems or devices appear abnormal state, by telephone or fax to the company to seek technical support and help. After confirming the customer's service request, the company will arrange the technical staff to help the demand side to locate the fault in the specified time, and put forward the solution.


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