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Types of Potato Chips Flavors

2018-06-20 by sherry

Potato chips are snacks made from potatoes (potatoes), the potato chips are made by peeling the potatoes and then slicing them into slices, then frying or baking them to the crispy mouth and seasoning them, and different types of potato chips flavors make the potato chips taste more diverse. Potato chips have become an important part of the snack market in many countries, potato chip market is growing, in order to meet the growing market demand, production of another customer satisfaction products, our company produced a seasoning machine, this machine is a professional to make different flavors of potato chips, different flavors of potato chips more able to meet customer requirements.
types of potato chips flavors
This potato chips seasoning machine can be used in addition to seasoning potato chips, there are other materials, such as peanuts, french fries, beans, green beans and so on. Our company produces the seasoning machine has different kinds of, octagonal seasoning machine, drum seasoning machine, etc. Here we want to talk about the octagonal seasoning machine, the equipment used in the drum-type material seasoning, the inlet end equipped with vibrating powder device, equipped with variable frequency speed control motor, the material end with a punching powder device, can be used to collect excess powder two times, Vibrating powder device can be adjusted to avoid too much or too little of the material.

The potato chips seasoning machine is very popular in food processing industry.  It's mainly used in flavoring and mixing all kinds of food, such as chips, french fries, fruit brittle, fried food, puffed Food, snack food, leisure food, fruit chips, potato chips etc. It can mix the flavor with the food uniformly, to make the food delicious and good taste. It is easy to operate, easy to clean. Drum is made of stainless steel, which is painted with white enamel.

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