Roasted Groundnut Cutting Machine|Commercial Peanut Almond Chopping Machine

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Introduction of Peanut Almond Chopping Machine
This machine is used to cut the peanut, almond, etc nut into chop. It is the industrial and professional equipment for nuts chopping. The chopper machine is suitable for cutting roasted groundnut, almond kernel, cashew, walnut, pecan, pistachio, dry fruit, etc. Wide range of use, high yield, it is the professional equipment for cutting peanut almond kernel. This cutting machine is mainly used in food processing industry: beans, nuts (such as peanuts, almonds, walnut, hazelnut, chestnut) different particle size materials chopped.
Groundnut Chopping Machine

Stainless steel graoundnut chopping machine selection is excellent, in order to adapt to the safety of the modern food processing industry, health requirements, the company's main part of the cutting machine adopts high quality stainless steel material production, lose face and forming parts using a special anti caking materials seiko manufacturing, help small, forming good, wearable pressure, tear open outfit, easy to clean, durable.
Peanut Almond Chopping Machine
Features of Commercial Peanut Chopping Machine
1. The machine consists of three sections of feeding, chopping and classification.
2. In the classification section sieves of different sizes are installed which the peanuts into different sizes. By changing working speed of feeding conveyor to adjust the size of finished peanut particle.
3. Material through the hopper discharge uniformly, sent by the conveyor belt into the shredding bodies chopped, material crushed by vibration grading to get requirement particles. 
4. The reciprocating speed of the cutter is constant, by changing the rotational speed of the conveyor belt, namely increase the number of shearing material received, so as to achieve the purpose of adjusting the particle size.
Advantages of Roasted Groundnut Cutting Machine
a. The properties to this chopping machine are high production,equal size, low material consumption, low noise and no oil from the chopped peanuts.
b. Multifunctional machine, not can process beans but also can process peanuts, almonds, walnut, hazelnut, chestnut and so on nuts.
c. The chopping blades cut the materials at certain speed, by adjusting the speed of conveyor, the materials would be chopped into different sizes.
d. The chopped particles are selected through the vibrating screen.
e. Peanut almond chopping machine equipped with vibration screen, can grade the chopped granules into different levels. And the size of the mesh screen is custom-made.
f. Chopped evenly, with little powder, no oil squeezed out.
Technical Data
Model GGC-150
Power 2.25kw
Voltage 380V,50HZ
Finished peanut particle 2-10mm
Capacity 200-500kg/h
Dimension 2700*1000*1350mm
Weight 400kg


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